Royal Ascot 2014 - One Hatabulous week of hat wearing.


I really thought we would see a shift from the trusted saucer style hats this year at Royal Ascot, but the saucer ladies were out in full force. What I like about this style is you can still see the wearers face. Although large enough to make a statement the wearers are not consumed by the hat. The cream outfit and saucer look extremely classy and elegant. The purple downward brim with orchid detail is simply stunning and the light grey saucer with crown tilted to the side has a laid back luxurious vibe. I wouldn't normally be a fan of massive hats, but have to rethink my opinion  after seeing this red upturned saucer. The "Lady in  Red" looks effortlessly glamorous. All of these women look very feminine, classic and secure in their fashion choices. Nice to see modern day women who posess style.


Catherine Jenkins is one of my favorite singers and just happens to love fashion and hat wearing. She always makes an effort to wear contemporary, elegant, chic hats. I am always happy and excited to see what she will wear next. You can tell by her outfits that she puts a lot of time and effort into her styling. She always has a well put together well thought out look, and she is not afraid of color and taking risks. She is a true Welsh beauty. My favorite fashion choice this week for her is the white and black hat (sloped beret style). At events such as this you can never go wrong with black and white if you are going for a classic timeless look.

I like the blue hat worn on the forehead. This piece is  from Philip Treacy spring summer 2014 collection. However, I probably would have went for a different style dress. There was talk in the blogishere of Thunder Birds, which I can kind of see in this all blue ensemble. Maybe a summer dress with full skirt nipped in at the waist would of complimented this better. But she looks marvelous as always anyway. I like how she updates her signature vintage style with contemporary accessories, very refreshing indeed.

These dramatic sculptural style hats make a statement as an alternative to feathers and flowers. I love a hat with clean lines and this striped hat/headpiece certainly gets my heart beating a little faster. My guess is this has been made using thermoplastics. 

The black freeform hat on the top right is made from pleated crinoline. This hat is a lovely creation and looks great with the simple black dress that has similar lines. Repeating lines in your overall outfit give it cohesion and that is why this works. It is quite difficult to make crinoline look classy and elegant but again it is all about the line and angles. To me her outfit  has a modern edwardian feel to it. She looks stunning.

Then we have the Princess of Jordan, Haya Bint Al Hussein, looking immaculate in her sculptural style headpiece at Royal Ascot.

Not to forget the men, they also looked dapper in their top hats and tails. There were so many beautiful hats on display, hopefully I will make it there soon, so I can see it and take it all in with my own eyes.












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