Noeleen Millinery Brand Story

Milliner Noeleen has been creating one-of-kind hats and various types of headwear styles since 2013.  Recently returned to her home country Ireland,  after living 23 years overseas in Hong Kong, USA and Australia. Noeleen has made many styles of hats along the way and built a loyal following.

Noeleen is excited to bring her hat-making skills home and is looking forward to building new relationships with clients and hat lovers in Ireland and further afield. She is based in Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland. The online shop is the beginning of the next hat journey. 

All of Noeleen's hat designs are created using wooden hat blocks and are hand sewn. She mixes traditional millinery techniques with modern materials to create 21st-century hats. Noeleen loves to work with silk, fine straws, laces, flowers embellishments that she sources from all over the world. She also creates high-end lifestyle hats in fedora shapes and wide brims hats in various shapes and styles. With a passion for hatmaking, she loves to experiment with freeform sculptural millinery and is inspired by Art Deco style with a modern twist.

You will find ready-to-wear hats on this website to purchase.  Should you require a custom made hat please do contact us for more information on the process and feel free to send your outfit photos to 



Our Story

Noeleen Millinery has been creating and designing ready-to-wear and custom made hats in various styles for many years. Most of the hats made are for horse racing events, Mothers of the Bride Hats, Wedding Guest hats and any occasion that requires a hat!

Noeleen has lived overseas in Australia, the U.S.A and lastly Hong Kong where Noeleen Millinery was launched in 2013. There, she gained a wealth of experience with many collaborations, fashion shows whilst creating hats for mainly horse racing clientele who attend international horse racing events.

Noeleen Millinery hats have been first-place winners of the prestigious Longines price for elegance twice.

Noeleen is now back in her home country Ireland where hat-wearing is still very much part of life for special occasions.

Here on the website, you will find ready-to-wear hats shipping locally and internationally. Noeleen Millinery also creates custom made hats on request. Looking for an extra special hat? Noeleen loves to work with silk and specialises in making silk hats.

Gold millinery hat

Every hat is handcrafted and hand sewn. We love to use natural fabrics such as silk and various types of straws as much as we can in our hat designs.