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Peaches & Cream - Unique Peach/salmon sculptural hat with Pearl detail



For custom colours contact Noeleen Millinery

Height: 13 Inches 

Width at widest point: 8 Inches

This sculptural hat is all about feeling feminine and glamorous. The hat is a unique alternative to wearing a piece high on the head, as this hat is worn on the side of the head. Peaches and cream is handcrafted using jinsin a natural material from the Phillipines that can be manipulated to create amazing curves folds and shapes. Straw cloth was used for the base which is attached to the head with millinery elastic that goes underneath hair for a seamless look. 

Designed to sit low on the right side of the head. 


This designer hat is a one-of-a-kind, hand moulded, handsewn and handcrafted fashion statement. Irish Milliner, NOELEEN®, designs all her hats to be unique, contemporary, sophisticated and glamorous. Using traditional millinery techniques, blended with time tested and innovative materials, this statement hat is sure to turn heads and command a second glance.